We strive to reduce the environmental impact of our production process as much as possible.

We limit water and energy consumption to the minimum and apply environmental protection procedures.

Our products are approved by the National Institute of Public Health and National Institute of Hygiene.

Vinyl materials are beautiful and durable. They can be used for years in unchanged condition. They provide an alternative for materials that deteriorate quickly and pollute the environment. Waste vinyl materials still remain valuable. They constitute an important reusable resource. Their polymer structure allows for complete recycling. The recovery process begins with the collection of waste materials and mechanical segregation.

Vinyl can be recycled mechanically, chemically, or used for energy. Mechanical – the waste is ground into pellets or powder. It then becomes a raw material which can be melted to make new products.
Batch recycling is based on the decomposition of PVC into chemical molecules, which are then used further in the production process.
Energy recycling, on the other hand, enables the use of the calorific value of waste vinyl as a component of clean energy generated in industrial power plants or local heating networks.